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Crazy fangirl of Yamazaki Kento, Arashi and Kinpuri

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5 June
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Heya Everyone! I'm Shruti from India but here you can call me Ai-chan (I really love this name). I'm totally into Japanese from past 5 years. I love singing and listening to songs. I also love sketching. Reading and writing are also my hobbies. I'm currently in college learning Software Engineering. Years ago I watched Detective Conan live action and from that I started falling in love with J Dramas and Movies and then J Pop. Before that I only used to watch Detective Conan Anime. Thanks to my twin sister Priti , I found about Arashi and became addicted to it together with her. She has cleared her JLPT N5 and N4 levels and I'm preparing for it under her guidance. After Arashi it was Yamazaki Kento and I'm Truly Madly Deeply in love with him! I love making friends.
Watashi to tomodachi ni natte kudasai! (Please become friends with me!) Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! (Please take care of me!)
Arigatou (Thank You)!

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